Monday, June 28, 2010

Bringing Vacation to an End

I am so sad to say our vacation has ended. :( Getting up this morning was terribly painful, considering I had to get ready for work, I had to get up at 6 am instead of sleeping til 8, AND I didn't get to wake up to the rolling waves of the ocean! Triple bummer!

Our trip was fantastic, though. Absolutely perfect. We managed to escape any signs of oil whatsoever. The water was crystal blue! Here's the play-by-play:

We left Friday around 11:30am and drove until about 9pm. Then we stopped and slept for the night. We finished the loooong journey Saturday morning.
We arrived at the resort around 11:30 am Saturday, but the room wasn't ready. That's when we decided to just grab some lunch and stretch our legs by shopping in some local souvenier shops.
After our room was ready, the bellman took our bags to our room, and we went exploring. We strolled on the beach and ran around the resort, before going to Fresh for dinner. FYI: if ever in Daytona, do NOT go there. I repeat...DO NOT GO THERE. Service was terrible! We were the only people there when we showed up, and we were there for 2 hours! Mom made sure they knew it, too. When we didn't leave a tip, the waitress actually had the courage to run after my mom and yell at her! HAHA! Don't let her have it :) Quite a funny start, huh?
Sunday we spent the day at the beach/pool. Mom managed to spill her drink over the balcony, which just happened to land directly on a resort security guard who was on break. A few minutes later, another guard knocked on our door with a report that we were throwing drinks off the balcony.
Monday was another day at the pool. We actually managed to get into the frigid ocean water.
Tuesday was my birthday, and we spent it at Seaworld! It was amazing! I have informed Brandon that I want a killer whale, a dolphin, a beluga whale, AND a sea lion!
Wednesday we were super lazy. We didn't leave the condo til after lunch. It was nice to just wake up and lay around.
Thursday mom and dad left for home, and Brandon and I ventured to Ponce Inlet. It's a cute little town with a historical lighthouse that I bravely and patiently waited for Brandon to climb. Then we had lunch at the Marina. After lunch, we went back to the condo and took a nap...until 7pm.
Friday we spend 9 hours by the pool, which was heaven!
Now I must go begin planning next year's vacation!

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