Sunday, August 31, 2008

New Year's Resolution...9/01/08

Well, tomorrow marks the start of two things. 1) the start of the Purpose Driven Life study at church, and 2) the start of my 101 in 1001. Therefore, I am about to print off my 101 and place it on my refrigerator door as a constant reminder. I will post regularly about what I am learning in the PDL study, as well.

As far as my 101, tomorrow, I will start a new eating habit. I am laying down the majority of my sweets and becoming more aware of my plate. I can complete goal #1 of losing at least 50lbs. I am also going to go back to the Y and start my routine again. I am dreading it with great intensity. I HATE working out. I hate exercise of any kind, no matter how long I do it. No matter how good it makes me feel. It takes time out of my day, and there are so many things I would much rather be doing. So, say a prayer for me that I will succeed. I am working on my family mission statement, and as soon as I finish it, I will post it and it will also be framed and placed inside my home to remind us what is important to Brandon and I. This is important to me, especially before we have children, because when we have them, we can teach them from day 1 what we stand for. I am now going to go color code my list (thanks for that idea Katie!) so that you can track my progress!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

What a wife!

Lately I have been concentrating on what kind of a wife I am, and what kind of a wife God wants me to be, and Brandon needs me to be. I am learning a lot about myself, and about Brandon. I'm learning patience. I used to be a very patient person, until I got married. Once I got married I seemed to lose all of my patience, I guess because I was all the sudden surrounded by someone 24/7. There was nowhere to hide anymore. Before, I could just hide in my bedroom, but now, it's someone else's bedroom, too! I get no alone time whatsoever, and then, when I DO get time to myself, I get terribly lonely and want to be with him. this what married life is always like? Well, now I am learning to be more patient and understanding with him. For instance, yesterday, he was supposed to pick me up at work at 4pm. He overslept and left me there, so I had to bum a ride from his mother. She took me home to get him and we had to rush to church. I was terribly angry inside, but I tried very hard to be calm and forgiving on the outside because I knew he would be hard enough on himself. So I didn't say much. I just woke him and told him to get dressed and come on. He knew I was upset, which I had every right to be, I mean, if I hadn't gotten a hold of my mother-in-law, I would have been spending the night in a desk chair in downtown Nashville, but I was very rational about it, and I was happy with my actions. I was understanding. I knew he had worked all night. Isn't that the kind of wife I'm supposed to be?

However, at church last night I got frustrated because he was telling me that he hates doing the babies class. I know, it sounds silly, but, to me, it sounded like he said he hates babies, which translates to he doesn't want any. It's that woman thing. See, for woman, babies are pretty simple. They cry. It's what they do. You feed them, change them, entertain them, and love on them. That's it. That's really all you can do. Sometimes they cry just because they're tired. But men sometimes get frustrated when babies cry. Brandon is no exception. He is actually worse because, not only does he have no patience and a bad temper, but he has NEVER been around babies, and now he is thrown into a room full of them! So, I did get frustrated, and I shouldn't have. I understand that this is new to him, and he thinks something is wrong every time they cry, and he's a hero...he wants to rescue them. I love that about him. So, next time I'll be more understanding :-) I love you, honey. And I promise, you'll get the hang of it. They're not so bad.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

She Did...Finally!

Well, at 2 p.m. on Saturday, August 23, 2008, I was able to stand at the altar and support my sister as she got married....finally!!! My sister and Darrin have been together for ten years (yes, you read that right), and they own a home together in Unionville, TN. My sister is going to be 30 years old on September 2. Honestly, I thought this day would never come because Darrin is just not an emotional or romantic type of man. Neither of them are "religious" or observe any kind of religious ceremonies. And, seeing as they already live together, I thought a wedding would be pretty much pointless in his mind. But, he proved me wrong, and I am so happy, because I know it is something my sister has wanted for a very very long time. She looked absolutely beautiful! Darrin, you cleaned up very well also! I am very proud of you both! Darrin, just take care of her and we will have no worries! I know you will because you have for ten years already. I love you both.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Brandon, Kelly, and Bill under one roof!

He has been one of the most common household names for all of my life. Growing up, I remember sitting in front of our television set that you had to manually turn, for hours, watching this man that reminded me in some strange way of my own father, although he obviously looks nothing like him. But his clever sense of humor and dry sarcasam took my childlike mind by storm, and drew my family in. I have grown up watching him, and have admired him from the first day I watched him. Mom and dad never had to worry about what he was going to say. He is a living idol in a sense. Someone that is almost untouchable, and I, yes, I, Kelly Swindell, am going to get to see him LIVE and in person! This is a day I thought would never come. And, better yet, this day will come on none other than my second wedding anniversary! Yes, I am going to get to celebrate my wedding anniversary with my wonderful husband and BILL COSBY! If I am really lucky, I will even get to meet him! :-)

Friday, August 22, 2008

101 Things To Do In 1001 Days

I thought this was a perfect project to complete, especially as I journey through The Purpose Driven Life. I challenge you all to do the same!

Beginning date: Monday, September 1, 2008
Ending Date: Monday, May 30, 2011

Learn More at

I have chosen to do this because there are so many things I want to do and change about myself, and this gives me a reasonable, but set amount of time to do it.

Completed Tasks

Tasks in Progress

Tasks not completed yet


1. Lose 50 pounds

2. Make exercise a habit

3. Cook at home more

4. Buy a smaller pair of pants

5. Eat more veggies and less sweets

6. Build up my recipe box (and get a bigger one)

7. Eat less fast food

8. Drink more water

9. Eat more whole grains and less white starches


10. Have a baby

11. Learn to be less critical

12. Buy a house

13. Build up our savings account

14. Put my clothes in the hamper, not on the floor

15. Never go to sleep without telling Brandon I love him

16. Pay off both cars

17. Have our pictures taken

18. Find activities for us to do in winter

19. Create another Christmas tradition

20. Go home to Missourri and show Brandon my hometown

21. Go on the General Jackson

22. Get life insurance for both of us

23. Get Brandon to do something he said he would never do, like camping, ride a roller coaster, or play in the rain

24. Host a cookout

25. Become involved in our new church

26. Regularly tell my husband how happy he makes me, just so he knows.

27. Tell my husband how proud I am to have his last name

28. Celebrate 3 years of marriage

29. Support my husband as he overcomes a particular obstacle.

30. Make more time for intimacy (aka have more sex)

31. Pray for my husband daily

32. Make my marriage my #1 prioirity

33. Contribute to our savings monthly...and not take it back out!

34. Make a budget and stick to it

35. Get a filing cabinet and organize important documents

35. Get Brandon to eat broccoli

36. Buy Brandon something nice, just because.


37. Cook for my daddy more often

38. Buy everyone something for Christmas

39. Go see Grandma and Aunt Joyce's grave

40. Continue making a mends with my in-laws

41. Have lunch with my mother-in-law

42. Write a family mission statement

43. Spend time with my sister

44. Call my daddy more often just to say hi

45. Fit everyone in for the holidays

46. Make a real address book...a big girl one


47. Volunteer at a homeless shelter or a women's clinic

48. Make an entire Holiday meal, by myself, for others

49. Make a difference in someone's life

50. Keep up with my blog

51. Bake lots of Christmas goodies and share them

52. Keep my office organized

53. Help someone less fortunate

54. Send out Christmas cards

55. Smile at random strangers


56. Make time for God every day
57. Share the gospel
58. Make Brandon and I pray together regularly
59. Practice letting God have control
60. Forgive those who tore Two Rivers apart
61. Complete the Purpose Driven Life Study at FBC
62. Go on a mission trip
63. Say "Thank you" to God every day, no matter what

64. Get a promotion or better job
65. Read 5 books, beginning to end (I hate to read)
66. Play in the rain
67. Go somewhere I've never been
68. Buy furniture for our bedroom in CASH
69. Take a vacation
70. Develop better baking skills
71. Join and stay involved in small group
72. make friends
73. Go camping
74. Play in the snow
75. Hear Daddy preach
76. Have or go to a Christmas party
77. Have or go to a Haloween party
78. Focus on me
79. Go to a play
80. Finish a scrapbook
81. Make friends with other females my age
82. Go to a theme park
83. Visit more than one state park
84. Do something spontaneous
85. When I have a baby, start a account
86. Go dancing
87. Laugh until I cry
88. Go to the TN Aquarium
89. Get a good camera
90. Take tons of pictures
91. Write a short story
92. Go back to school
93. Do something outside my comfort zone
94. Find a best friend
95. Practice my violin
96. Put all my pictures in photo albums
97. Contribute to my 401K bi-weekly
98. Take a college math class...and pass it
99. Start working on my future daycare
100. Take an education course or business course.
101. Take time for myself time and again

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Little About Us

I am 24, Brandon is 26. We met April 15, 2005, when his mother, whom I worked with at the time, set us up for a lunch date. At first, I didn't like Brandon...actually, I didn't want anything to do with him since I had just recently gone through a bad breakup, if you wanna call it that. However, God had different plans. I started falling for him quite quickly, and on December 23 of that year, he took me to Centennial Park to my favorite spot by the water and popped the question. On September 28, 2006, I married my soulmate. It has been a very rough two years. I think we have actually had it a little harder than most couples because we had several obstacles to overcome. But, by the Grace of God and a LOT of patience, love, and determination, we have overcome several of them already. The rest we are still working on, and I know God has a huge plan for us. We are hoping to bring a little one into the world very soon. But for right now, we live in our one bedroom apartment with our cat, Codi, and our six fishies.

As for me, I have a lot of goals for myself. There are a lot of weaknesses that I see in myself that I want to change. I plan on participating in "101 Things to do in 1001 Days," which I got from a friend's blog (stay tuned for more info!) As soon as I figure out my 101 things, I'll be sure to post them.

The beginning of my blogging journey

Well, since everyone else has a cool blog, I decided I would start one myself. Although, mine will not be nearly as interesting as others I have read. I'm not real sure what I'm doing, so bear with me! Even though I have no clue what I will write about, I will try to update as often as possible, so stay tuned!