Friday, July 31, 2009

In need of SLEEP!

I think my body is finally realizing just how exhausted it is. I don't even have much of an appetite! That's not such a bad thing, but it's really strange for me. I am very much looking forward to this weekend. I do have a few things I need to work on, like unpacking the rest of my odds and ends so we can actually park in the garage, and possibly painting the guest bathroom. Other than that, I plan to watch movies and eat cereal in front of the TV. I can't wait for our cable to be hooked up Sunday so I'll actually have something to watch. I am definitely in need of some rest. And, I promise to do my best to get some pictures up this weekend (I still have yet to find that darn camera cord!). On that note, I'll leave you with some things that I am looking forward to in the new house!

-Cooking!! Not only am I looking forward to cooking in our new kitchen, but we have vowed (yes, again) to start cooking healthier and eating out way less (we won't be able to afford to eat out now!).
-Brandon and I are going to start walking around the neighborhood in the evenings after dinner. I am excited about the exercise and the quality time with him.
-Having coffee on my deck, or in my dining room looking out the bay window.
-Flower Beds!
-Planting a tree in the front yard (to replace the dead one that's there now)
-Bubble baths in my garden tub, which I have already been enjoying
-Not having to walk all the way to the office to get the mail in the rain
-Not having to go to the post office to mail things!
-Watching Brandon cut the grass :P
-Entertaining friends and family. I can't wait to have people over! So, if you ever want to come hang out, just call me!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Movin on up!

We FINALLY got moved into the new house! We were delayed 5 days on closing, which was incredibly frustrating. It's a really long story that I won't go into, but THDA any myself are not friends. Anyway, we finally got to close at 5pm on Monday. Losing those 5 days of work really put a damper on it, so we had to work like dogs to get it all done. Lucky for us, my parents did a tremendous amount of work, and Brandon's grandparents came in from out of town to help. We got all the painting done in 2.5 days! And let me tell ya, it was a LOT of painting, and we still have a little more to do. But, we are practically completely unpacked with the exception of a few little things. And, let me say, we LOVE our new home! It is cozy and very homey (homie? homy? how the heck do you spell that?) We are going to be very happy there, and I can't help but to praise God for his many blessings! This is a new start for us in more ways than one, and we are ecstatic! I don't have any pictures up because my computer is still somewhat packed, so I will get those up as soon as I find all my cords and whatnot. Thanks for all the prayers! Anytime you're in the Nashville/Smyrna/Murfreesboro/LaVergne area, gimme a call and come see us! :-)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Today is Brandon's 27th birthday! Or, as he and I say, birfday! We aren't able to do much for our Birthdays this year since we close on the house in 8 days, but I thought I would take a minute to brag on him a little :-) I stole Katie and Cody's idea and made a list of 27 things I love about him! (Katie, I know what you're thinking...I steal ALL your ideas! But you should stop coming up with such good ones!)

1) I love when he makes random silly faces and makes me laugh.
2) I love how when I get home from work, he RUNS to the door and wraps his arms around me like he hasn't seen me in a really long time.
3) I love how he is willing to cook dinner for me.
4) I love how he is really helpful around the house....if it weren't for him, we would never have clean clothes, because I HATE doing laundry.
5) I love when he scratches my back, even if I have to beg him to :-)
6) I love our nightly ritual (slow down, folks, I wouldn't go there on here!) of fighting over his pillow because it's softer than mine. I steal it every night, and it ends up in a big pillow fight and a lot of laughing.
7) His adorably mischevious smirk/grin.
8) I love when he sings.
9) I love it when he acts goofy...he cracks me up!
10) I love when he tries to dance. It's cute.
11) I love when he tells me I am beautiful, even if I don't believe him.
12) I love watching him with the kids at church. Considering he HATED kids when we met, it is quite a transformation :)
13) I love how he always wants to fix everyone and help them with their problems.
14) I love it when we're in the car and he reaches over to hold my hand for no reason.
15) I love tackling him to the ground and tickling him. He HATES being tickled. So, it's funny.
16) I like how he always makes up parodies to every song he hears, even if it gets a little annoying at times.
17) I love when he calls me Pookie. It's an inside joke, but it stuck and it makes me laugh.
18) I love his determintation.
19) I love that he loves ice cream, just like me :-)
20) I love that he likes romantic comedies and chick flicks.
21) I love that he is sensitive and he is ok with it.
22) I love that he sends me random text messages that are stinkin hilarious.
23) I love that he never hesitates to say he's sorry after an argument. (even if it was my fault!)
24) I love that he let me have another kitten, even though he didn't want her, and now he's in love with her.
25) I love how we constantly argue over music in the car. It's annoying, but funny at the same time, and life would be boring without it.
26) I love how he is always there for me when I need him.
27) Last, but not least, I LOVE that he married ME! :-)

I love you, honey, and I know that if you weren't with me, my life would be boring and lonely. Happy Birthday!