Monday, September 28, 2009

3 Years and Counting!

Wow...I cannot believe it has been 3 years since I walked down the aisle! I have been so blessed to have Brandon as my husband. He is absolutely wonderful! Here are some things I have learned over these 3 years:

  • Brandon and I will never agree on the proper way to load the dishwasher, and that's ok. (He insists that pots, pans, and mixing bowls should be machine-washed.)
  • I will always need to be careful while walking through the house in the dark, for fear of breaking my neck on stray shoes. (Pssst. Honey, there is a special place in the closet for said shoes!)
  • No matter how hard I try, Brandon's favorite meal will always be flavorless grilled chicken and green beans.
  • Regardless of what I do, Brandon will never stop loving wrestling OR Alice Cooper. Guess it's time to accept it.
  • We still do not share the same taste in music, movies, or television (except for Grey's Anatomy!), and that's ok, too.
  • Brandon has seen the absolute worst sides of me...right down to the nitty gritty, and at this point I am pretty much convinced that I could look like a big ugly blob and he would still tell me I am beautiful :)
  • I will never successfully teach Brandon how to be on time, but I will live.
  • most of all, I have learned that no matter what I say or do, Brandon will always love me.

Happy Anniversary, Honey! I love you 3 times more than I did on our wedding day!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cheapest Christmas Present Ever

I decided to make most of my Christmas gifts this year, but I wanted to make something people could use. (And something that I could do at my "elementary" crafting skill level.) I saw this idea, and thought it was adorable. They turned out so well, I ended up keeping a set for myself!

I got the ceramic tiles at Lowe's (Home Depot would work too). I found them for .25/each. I did have to spend $10 on a large rubber stamp, but I can use it over and over again. Technically, you're supposed to use a stamp pad, but at $10 for a big one, I opted to use acrylic paint. I just painted it on the stamp, then stamped it...obviously. Then I baked them in the oven on 350 for about 10-15 minutes to set the paint. Once cooled and dry, I sprayed with clear coat (about $2 at Lowe's). I also hot glued some felt squares on the bottom corners so it won't scratch any surfaces. So for about $2-$3 I have a useful, cute Christmas gift. I plan on getting some 6x6 tiles and making a trivet to go along with the coaster set.

Falling for Jesus!

My Sunday School room is very drab...back in the 70's they had the genius idea to paint the walls grey and coral. They still haven't changed it. So, I have been working on ideas to get some better looking things on the walls. I LOVE Bulletin boards, but I didn't have one, so I made this pretend bulletin board by just putting paper on the wall and putting border from the Dollar Tree around it. I am quite proud :)

Boy, time flies!

Yeah so it's been like weeks since I even looked at my blog! In case anyone out there wakes up every morning, and can't WAIT to read my blog, I apologize for letting you down :)

Quick update, in bullet form:
  • We are getting settled into the house quite nicely, and are looking forward to our housewarming party on Oct. 10th! Well, it's just an open house, but still :)
  • I am super duper excited about our half price tickets to Honeysuckle Hill Pumpkin patch that I found on Can't wait to go!
  • I started taking a TN History class this semester. It is very boring. BUT, once it's over, I'll be one step closer to that black gown!
  • I also started teaching a 3 year old Sunday School class at TRBC. I pretty much love it.
  • I have been doing many neat crafts. Well, I've been coming up with ideas anyway. I have only exercised one of them...more to come.
  • We have an appointment on the 9th with an infertility specialist. I'm terrified.
  • I'm working REALLY hard on getting my weight down. I have screwed up a lot this weekend, but that's beating myself up! I am jumping right back on!
I think that's all the general updates for now. Now I must do some more posts :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Is it ok to be mad at God?

As Christians, we are raised to NEVER EVER question God, and definitely to never be angry with him...He's God! But, how do you think God feels when we are angry with him, and is it a sin?

I've never been mad at God. Seriously...never. You probably don't believe me, but I haven't. Until now. Lately I have just felt very upset, angry, and almost (*gasp*) betrayed by Him. Why? Because it seems like everyone around me is pregnant except for me. Even those who never even wanted kids. Every time I hear of another child being abused or mistreated, it makes me angry. Every time I see parents speaking to their children with terrible words, or even letting them get away with something when they should be disciplined, it makes me downright mad. I think, "Now, God, why can't I have a kid? At least I would raise them not to talk like that!" or "At least I would never talk to them that way!" (Nevermind the fact that I am not yet a parent so I cannot assume that I would be a "perfect parent" or have "perfect kids." That's another blog for another day.)

Anyway, why do I feel so angry with God, and is it ok? After a lot of praying, I have come to this conclusion:

it is TOTALLY ok! God gave me emotions...Jesus himself was angry sometimes! And I believe that it IS ok to "question" God's intentions, as long as you realize that His are better than yours. God is a big boy, and I believe he can handle it. Actually, when I think of how I blew up at him the other day, I just wonder if he wasn't standing there with his arms crossed and a smirk on his face, as to say "it's about time you tell me how you really feel." I mean, afterall, he already knows how I why not be completely honest with him?

After spending a few days angry at him, I started to be reminded that he is grieving with me. And that he is in total control, even if I don't like how he's running the show right now. Then, I started to feel peace. The hurt hasn't gotten any better. I still think about it all day long, and I still cry almost daily, but nevertheless, I felt God wrap His arms around me and say, "I love you. It's ok. I'm here, and I've got it all under control."

So, go ahead. Let it out.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dear Baby

Dear Baby,

I got some very sad news today. The Dr. told me that the only way for me to get pregnant is to have some procedures done that Daddy and I cannot afford. This breaks my heart, because it means our journey to you is prolonged. I know that God is faithful, though. No matter what the doctors say, HE has the final say-so! He already has you picked out especially for us! But I long to see hold hear you giggle (and even cry!). Just in case you don't look like us, know that it's ok. It doesn't matter that your skin may or may not be the same color as ours, or that you may have brown eyes instead of blue, or that you may be really tall instead of short like your Daddy and me. We will still be a family. And we will still love you just as much. We still long to meet you, even if you don't spend the first nine months of your life in my tummy. Hold on a little longer, little one. We're waiting for you.

Until next time, we love you.
Mommy and Daddy