Friday, May 20, 2011

Pantry Overhaul

My pantry is an endless disaster area. Every couple of months I have to pull everything out, purge expired foods, and re"organize" it. AKA: Put everything back neatly. However, in a week or two, it looks like a tornado blew through it again. (A certain husband is NOT good at actually putting things in the right spot). So, I decided it was time to actually organize it. I still have some work to do to it, but this is a start!



I bought 2 3-tier spice racks at Walmart for $3.67/each. Instead of spices, I am using them for my canned goods so I can easily see what I have.

I had this plastic bin laying around, so I used it to stick our small items like popcorn, oatmeal, and pouches of rice and such. I need a few more of these bins.

This is my favorite part. I got this set of 3 shelves at Wally World for around $5. They're easy to hang, perfect for baggies and such, and I LOVE that my syrup bottles and such are no longer lost in the back of the pantry!!

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