Thursday, June 16, 2011

Living Like No One Else

We started doing the Dave Ramsey plan this month. I've been begging Brandon to do it with me for MONTHS now, and he finally went along with it to appease me. The first of the month, we sat down at the kitchen table for the first time EVER and wrote out our budget...down to the dollar. And now, halfway through the month, we've paid half of our first credit card off! How amazing that feels! Brandon told me this morning that he's really getting into it and it's getting him excited. Who knew I'd be right? :P

We're not taking Dave's classes right now, but we're following the plan. I already had "Total Money Makeover," so I just ordered the workbook to go along with it. And my sweet friend, Emily, was kind enough to mail me her mp3 audio of all of the classes, so we can just listen to them. Thanks, Emily!

Funny thing is, we've had a couple of people actually laugh at us for doing it. They won't be laughing long! I love getting the last laugh!

In Adoption News: nada. I get frustrated sometimes because I don't hear a word from our agency. I really wish they'd at least call to see how we're handling the wait and such. But they don't. I'm hoping and praying the Lord blesses what we're doing financially and provides that last payment for the adoption.

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