Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 12

Today is Day 12 of our 24 Day Challenge. We are halfway there! That's not to say that we are going back to old habits on Day 25, though. We are really thrilled with all of the changes we are making, and for the first time we feel like these are changes that will stick. We have been eating a very healthy diet. On the 1st 10 days (10 Day cleanse phase), you have to be on a restricted diet...no diary, no sugar, little to no bread (all we had was whole wheat tortillas twice), lots of lean protein, fruits, and veggies. The only thing I have really missed is cheese. I am a cheesaholic! I did slip 1 Kraft single on day 10 for a snack, and it was YUMMY! Shhh. Don't tell. ;) But the funny thing is, since we've been making all of these changes and taking the supplements, our cravings are almost nonexistent.

We had a slight meal mishap last night. The recipe was for Hawaiian Bunless Turkey Burgers and I was making baked sweet potato fries with them. Neither were very good. We ended up with meal replacement shakes for dinner. Good thing we like them! Tonight the menu is baked tilapia and baked sweet potatoes. Hopefully those turn out better!

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