Monday, February 27, 2012

24 Day Challenge

I am SO pumped about this! I haven't been this excited and motivated in a long, long time!

On Friday, February 24, 2012, Brandon and I began our Advocare 24 Day Challenge. This challenge consists of a 10 day herbal cleanse, followed by 14 days of nutritional supplements that will help us to reset our bodies and jump start our weight loss. We all know that I have struggled with weight for a lifetime, and that I have tried everything out there. However, I truly believe in the power of these products. It is now day 4, and we both have significantly more energy than we have had in a long, long time. We feel better overall. Brandon was down 3 pounds after the first 2 days! I can't wait until day 25 to see how much better I feel then! We are also looking forward to an amazing business opportunity with this company. You're probably skeptical, which is ok. I was too!

We first learned about Advocare from our friend, Alison. Alison began her journey over a year ago. To date, she has lost over 110 pounds! She is also making a significant income. Alison has tried to get me on board since she started, but I was so very skeptical. Then, we found out that some dear folks from our church were also using these products. For us, that added a LOT of credibility. Our friend Kara is down 19 pounds since January and is just radiant! We are completely convinced that these products are wonderful, and want to share it with everyone. If we already feel so amazing after only 4 days, I can't imagine how we will feel in a few months, or a year from now! This is by far the best decision we have ever made for ourselves and our future.

Whether you are interested in losing weight, having more energy, looking more toned and lean, just overall wellness, or making some income, feel free to ask me about it! I can't wait to have an "Alison" type story to share, but we have seen the success first hand in so many people that we know personally, that I completely believe in these products! :-)

If you want to know more, you can email me at, or message me on Facebook. I would be happy to share with you what we are so excited about!

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