Monday, July 22, 2013

And Baby Makes Three

Has it really been almost an entire year since I wrote a blog? Holy smokes! I guess we have a lot of catching up to do!

In my last post, I told you that we had made the heartbreaking, yet totally clear, decision to place the adoption process on hold. At the time, we had no clue how God was going to bring us a child, but we both had an almost overwhelming feeling that He would. Eventually. So we waited. We prayed, and waited. I began to feel that God was going to bless us with a biological child. I can't explain the peace I had about it, but I just knew it was going to happen.

In December, we visited our Reproductive Endocrinologist again and began a new round of oral treatments and injections. Actually, only 1 injection. We went through all of the infertility monitoring just as we did before...ultrasounds, lots of blood tests, and plenty of medications.

April 12, 2013, we got confirmation from the Doctor that we were indeed PREGNANT! Before that phone call from the doctor, I took no less than 15 home pregnancy tests, and I had convinced myself that every one of them must be broken. The day itself is still very clear in my mind, yet a blur at the same time. I took the day off for my emotional well being (I was an utter wreck to say the least) as I went in for my blood test and then tried to occupy myself while I waited very nervously for the phone to ring. I broke down on the phone with the nurse. Bless her heart, I'm sure she thought I was nuts.

The first trimester was difficult, but pretty smooth. I worried constantly that I would miscarry. I tried to prepare myself for that. However, God had other plans. I turned 18 weeks pregnant today, and we couldn't have asked for a much better pregnancy thus far. No major complications, very little morning sickness (only nausea and very small appetite), no bleeding or anything else to cause concern. The worst part has been the extreme fatigue. The first trimester I was miserably exhausted and could barely function. It has been much better in the second trimester, but I still get tired pretty easily. We've had several ultrasounds and so far our baby BOY is doing just fine!

The doctor does have me monitoring my blood sugars since I have PCOS and Insulin Resistance (those 2 go hand-in-hand and are the main reason we had such trouble conceiving). She just wants me to avoid becoming a full fledged Gestational Diabetic.  They also make me have a growth ultrasound every 4 weeks to be sure baby doesn't get too big, as is very common with Gestational Diabetics, but I don't mind seeing him more often ;). We will have another ultrasound this Thursday to measure his growth. I always look forward to seeing that sweet face!

I wish I had started blogging about my pregnancy from the beginning, but I definitely want to keep a record of lil' dude's first years. Of course, I keep a journal of letters that I have written to him since the day we found out, and I am a scrapbooker so I will have plenty of documentation, but blogging seems like a fun way to keep family and friends updated on his life, and our life as we enter an entirely new journey of parenthood!

I cannot even begin to put into words how excited we are, and how incredibly thankful we are to God for this most amazing and precious gift! HE IS FAITHFUL! I can't say I always felt like He was faithful, and I can't say I never doubted that we would be parents, but I've always known that God had his reasons. We may never ever know what those reasons are. We may never know why He led us through the adoption process only to have us stop it, other than the fact that we worked through some pretty major issues during the last 3.5 years that we otherwise wouldn't have. But He is good, and He is true, and He does have it all under control!

John 15:7 "If you remain in me, and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish and it will be done for you."

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