Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dear Baby

Dear Baby,

It's Mommy. Daddy and I have been going through many tests lately for you. We long for you, but God hasn't given you to us yet, but I know He will soon. One day we will get to meet you and see your precious face. Until then, we are trying very hard and trusting in the Lord to bring you into our lives. We already love you more than you can imagine. I can't imagine how much I'll love you when I actually meet you! We just moved into a wonderful new home. We pray that we will be able to bring you home to see it soon. I hope you'll like the room we have set aside for you. It is beautiful, and will be even more beautiful once we can paint it and decorate it just for you. I can't wait to pick out names one day. We also have two little kitties at home that want to play with you. I hope you like them. I often imagine myself rocking you to sleep in your room while looking at the full-length huge crescent window. I think about the day that we'll bring you home from the hospital and see the "It's a Boy!" or "It's a Girl!" sign in the yard. I cannot wait for that day. I dream about watching your Daddy play with you and take naps with you on the couch. I wonder what you'll look like...will you have my curly hair? Your Daddy's smile? I can't wait to see you and hear you laugh for the first time. I hope and pray God brings you to us soon. I cannot figure out how I can miss someone so much that I have never even met. But I do. We love you. Hold on just a little longer...God is faithful.

Mom and Dad

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Katie said...

Kelly, this is a great post. Praying for you.