Sunday, September 27, 2009

Boy, time flies!

Yeah so it's been like weeks since I even looked at my blog! In case anyone out there wakes up every morning, and can't WAIT to read my blog, I apologize for letting you down :)

Quick update, in bullet form:
  • We are getting settled into the house quite nicely, and are looking forward to our housewarming party on Oct. 10th! Well, it's just an open house, but still :)
  • I am super duper excited about our half price tickets to Honeysuckle Hill Pumpkin patch that I found on Can't wait to go!
  • I started taking a TN History class this semester. It is very boring. BUT, once it's over, I'll be one step closer to that black gown!
  • I also started teaching a 3 year old Sunday School class at TRBC. I pretty much love it.
  • I have been doing many neat crafts. Well, I've been coming up with ideas anyway. I have only exercised one of them...more to come.
  • We have an appointment on the 9th with an infertility specialist. I'm terrified.
  • I'm working REALLY hard on getting my weight down. I have screwed up a lot this weekend, but that's beating myself up! I am jumping right back on!
I think that's all the general updates for now. Now I must do some more posts :)

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Katie said...

Oh, now my previous question about TRBC is answered. Yea for the pumpkin patch!! Yea for being one step closer to graduation! (Where are you going?) And good for you for not beating yourself up. That is counter-productive. Just get back on track today. You can do it, girl!