Thursday, January 21, 2010

Big news!

We have decided to ADOPT! We are incredibly excited! (And quite nervous, too!) We've already told our families, and they all seem to be excited and supportive, which is a major relief! We haven't given up on having a biological child. In fact, we truly feel that this is the direction God is leading us, and we want to be obedient.

We met with the agency this evening, and the coordinator was very nice. They are right here in Nashville, which is convenient. We turned in our preliminary application this evening. Once that is approved (hopefully within days), we will be sent the paperwork for the formal application. We are so excited to get the home study started, but it will probably be a few months, or more, depending on when we can get the formal application in. If we don't get it completed in time for the Orientation in February, we'll have to wait until June for the orientation. We receive all of our home study info at orientation.

So, stay tuned for updates! This is where I'll be updating everyone, instead of making a million calls with every step we achieve. Keep us in your prayers!

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