Monday, August 25, 2008

Brandon, Kelly, and Bill under one roof!

He has been one of the most common household names for all of my life. Growing up, I remember sitting in front of our television set that you had to manually turn, for hours, watching this man that reminded me in some strange way of my own father, although he obviously looks nothing like him. But his clever sense of humor and dry sarcasam took my childlike mind by storm, and drew my family in. I have grown up watching him, and have admired him from the first day I watched him. Mom and dad never had to worry about what he was going to say. He is a living idol in a sense. Someone that is almost untouchable, and I, yes, I, Kelly Swindell, am going to get to see him LIVE and in person! This is a day I thought would never come. And, better yet, this day will come on none other than my second wedding anniversary! Yes, I am going to get to celebrate my wedding anniversary with my wonderful husband and BILL COSBY! If I am really lucky, I will even get to meet him! :-)

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