Thursday, August 28, 2008

What a wife!

Lately I have been concentrating on what kind of a wife I am, and what kind of a wife God wants me to be, and Brandon needs me to be. I am learning a lot about myself, and about Brandon. I'm learning patience. I used to be a very patient person, until I got married. Once I got married I seemed to lose all of my patience, I guess because I was all the sudden surrounded by someone 24/7. There was nowhere to hide anymore. Before, I could just hide in my bedroom, but now, it's someone else's bedroom, too! I get no alone time whatsoever, and then, when I DO get time to myself, I get terribly lonely and want to be with him. this what married life is always like? Well, now I am learning to be more patient and understanding with him. For instance, yesterday, he was supposed to pick me up at work at 4pm. He overslept and left me there, so I had to bum a ride from his mother. She took me home to get him and we had to rush to church. I was terribly angry inside, but I tried very hard to be calm and forgiving on the outside because I knew he would be hard enough on himself. So I didn't say much. I just woke him and told him to get dressed and come on. He knew I was upset, which I had every right to be, I mean, if I hadn't gotten a hold of my mother-in-law, I would have been spending the night in a desk chair in downtown Nashville, but I was very rational about it, and I was happy with my actions. I was understanding. I knew he had worked all night. Isn't that the kind of wife I'm supposed to be?

However, at church last night I got frustrated because he was telling me that he hates doing the babies class. I know, it sounds silly, but, to me, it sounded like he said he hates babies, which translates to he doesn't want any. It's that woman thing. See, for woman, babies are pretty simple. They cry. It's what they do. You feed them, change them, entertain them, and love on them. That's it. That's really all you can do. Sometimes they cry just because they're tired. But men sometimes get frustrated when babies cry. Brandon is no exception. He is actually worse because, not only does he have no patience and a bad temper, but he has NEVER been around babies, and now he is thrown into a room full of them! So, I did get frustrated, and I shouldn't have. I understand that this is new to him, and he thinks something is wrong every time they cry, and he's a hero...he wants to rescue them. I love that about him. So, next time I'll be more understanding :-) I love you, honey. And I promise, you'll get the hang of it. They're not so bad.

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