Monday, May 11, 2009

Hello, Hungry.

I want one of these dolls. Why? Because, if you have seen these commercials, they are so very true. This little guy, Hungry as I call him, follows me...everywhere. I constantly think I'm hungry, when I know I shouldn't be. Especially if I eat a smaller than normal meal, some part of my brain tells me I'm not done....I need more! But I know I don't. I'm working on that...on paying attention to my hunger signals.

I'm also working on some other behavior modifications. These are a few of them:

-Very little to no carbonated, caffeinated, and sweetened drinks. In fact, I haven't had a sweet tea in like 4 days, which is huge for me. At restaurants, I am ordering water and I keep Crystal light packets in my purse and mix them in (sugar free, of course).

-I am extremely limiting my breads/white flours. No sandwiches every day. No bread at all with dinner. Few potatoes. No pasta. If I do have any of these, I make sure it's whole wheat.

-limiting my sweets. This is the hardest part. It is literally an every day struggle, because EVERY DAY I get a sweet tooth after I eat. And one cookie just doesn't cut it. I've been having sugar free popscicles instead, but they only go so far :-/

-I am trying tirelessly to drink water. Yuck.

-I try to eat a lot of veggies before I get to the meat. I make sure I get my protein, but I am trying not to over do it on the meat.

So, aside from exercising and trying to make overall better choices, that is my main focus. Simple (or, not-so-simple) behavior modification.

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Kelly Jo said...

Everyday after lunch I still feel like I could eat a whole other serving! So just have a bottle of water and keep drinking. Everytime your stomach pangs (and it will alot at first) Take a long drink. I don't think it tastes good either, but after about an hour, the pangs stop and you'll be fine until dinner. Keep up the good work!