Sunday, May 3, 2009

Wow...I never knew that

I've been really paying attention to myself the last few days, trying to figure out why I keep failing. Here are some things I have learned:

I LOVE bread and pasta, which we all know are bad choices. Now I know why. I have finally realized that after eating it, I may feel super full, but an hour or two later, I'm back in the kitchen!

I am not only an emotional eater, but I eat when I am bored, too. Bad odds.

Protein really does make you feel fuller.I find by eating foods high in protein, I can consume much less food before I'm hungry.

I do really well through the week, but it's on the weekends that I blow it...every weekend...all weekend. Then by Monday, I figure there's no point.

Case in point: I am so determined and motivated right now, yet, this weekend I have already found myself running to Kroger for ice cream (I did, however, opt for light ice cream with half the fat and sugar). But wait, I also HAD (and I mean HAD) to have chocolate syrup to go on it. Then today, a lazy Sunday, we ordered Pasta from Pizza Hut. We ate around 4pm. By 5pm I had a bowl of ice cream in my hand. I've been hungry ever since. I started to make some chocolate milk (an obsession for me...I love it and it fills me up!), I stopped, put the milk away, went and took a shower, and then fixed a bottle of protein water. Why do I fall prey to these things, even when I plan ahead? I didn't go over my points surprisingly, but still! It is so hard...even to pass up a glass of chocolate milk made me feel deprived.

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Kelly Jo said...

Stick with it! It doesn't get easier, but it is worth it!!