Friday, June 12, 2009

Sweet Niblets

Yeah, I just quoted Hannah Montana. Don't judge. :)

I am exhausted. And by exhausted, I mean, worn out, sore, cranky and irritable, mean, sick to my stomach, have no energy left exhausted. And we haven't even moved yet. It's been a month straight of non-stop errands, pricing things, picking paint, meeting with the realtor, preparing the loan, etc etc etc. UGH! I'm beat! And I can't turn my brain off! When I do sit and try to relax, my mind just keeps going a hundred miles an hour, reminding me of all the things I have to do! I can barely even eat I'm so tired...I feel sick when I eat anything.

I think it's time for a vaca.


Katie said...

Awww definitely not juding you. I am not necessarily a Hannah Montana Fan but I do love Miley Cyrus! I thinK I am one of the few though...

Poor Kelly. You do need a break! I know what you mean about not being able to relax. Hopefully someday soon you will be enjoying your new, beautifully decorated house!

Sarah said...

I love Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus! LOL! And I know how you feel about having so much on your plate that you can't even relax. I'm in the process of moving and it's CRAZY! It's like there is so much to do, it's overwhelming. I think we both need a spa day!