Friday, June 26, 2009

Brown Baggin it

Seeing, as we are about to be homeowners for the first time, we are having to cut a lot of corners (that should have been cut a long time ago!). One of those corners is lunch. I'm really good at hitting the drive through for whatever reason....I didn't get up in time to make lunch...we didn't have enough leftovers....or I simply didn't want another sandwich! So, I'm trying different things that are easy and don't require much preparation, but that are also yummy, healthy, and not a turkey sandwich!

Today I had a Morningstar veggie burger. Sounds gross, but it was actually really good! One box has 4 burgers, which is all but one day for the week. I put mine on wheat bread instead of a bun, and put a slice of cheese on it. It reminded me of a Krystal. Paired with some baked Sun Chips and a bottle of Special K Protein Water, it was quite satisfying. No turkey involved!


Katie said...

I like Morning Star stuff but they always seem to be so expensive. Boca Burgers are good too (maybe better) and they are cheaper!

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Sarah said...

Sounds yummy!

Kelly Jo said...

I always liked the Michelina Lite meals. They are about a dollar a piece (at Kroger) and most of them are under 400 calories. I usually ate them with some applesauce or one of the "vegetables for one" from green giant. Its almost like a dinner- and the pastas taste really great! My fav is the lasagna!!