Sunday, April 19, 2009

Goals goals goals

So, while brainstorming new ideas to motivate me to lose this weight, I came up with a pretty good idea. Brandon and I are going to have a little competition. Well. sort of. Here's how it will work.

I have listed small, short-term goals, a date to reach them by, and we each got to pick what reward we want for each goal reached.

5 lbs by 5/4- we will have NO dessert until we lose at least 5 lbs, at which time we will have fat free ice cream or something at home (don't worry...I won't reward a 5lb loss with a huge piece of pie!)

10 lbs lost by 5/18 - we will not eat out at ALL until this point. We need time to adjust to new eating habits, and hopefully by that point we will have the motivation to keep going.

20 lbs by 6/15 - Mani/pedi for me! Also, the first to lose 20lbs gets to pick a movie to see, and the loser HAS to go see it, and the loser also has to cook dinner AND clean up...all without complaining :-)

30 lbs by 7/31 - new outfit to feel great in! I'm thinking the 1st to 30 lbs gets to go to the spa for a massage or something :P

65 lbs (1/2 way to goal) by 10/31 - Highlights in my hair and new outfit!

In the bathroom, I have a chart, and once a week we will both weigh in together and chart our weight.

I haven't gone any further yet. But I am actually excited about this. Brandon and I are both really competitive with one another, so knowing that he's doing it with me is nice. Tips and advice, as well as any recipes and meal ideas are very welcome.

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Katie said...

Kelly, these seem like really great goals. Good for you!