Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Still trying to breathe

Things are still nuts around here, but that's ok because good things are happening! We met with our realtor Sunday, and we had a wonderful meeting. She is very very nice, and has given us lots of good advice. She seems to be very honest and up front. She is a Christian, which is nice to know. At least she has some morals! :-) We are taking the homebuyer's course this Saturday, and (like a dork) I am totally excited! I can't wait! I can't wait to learn all about the process. Every step makes it feel more real, like it's really going to happen. I know Brandon and I have only been married for less than 3 years, but there have been a lot of times when I thought we would NEVER be able to own a home. But God has wonderful plans ahead for us! Dawn (the realtor) said we should start looking by the 1st of May, so we can put down an offer by the end of June and close by the 1st of August! Wow! The first of May! That's three weeks away!!! It's a lot closer than we expected! So, we have started doing Dave Ramsey. We don't have much debt (just the cars and the TV that Brandon is paying for out of his part-time money, not the general budget), but we really need to work on our budget and watching what we spend. We eat out way too much, and make lots of little transactions...$1 here, $2 adds up! So, for the next few months, we are going to be doing virtually NO eating out and NO extras. We'll be eating super, super cheap, so once again I am on the lookout for SUPER DUPER CHEAP MEALS. Any ideas? Shoot em my way. I'll share my ideas with you as I find them as well.

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