Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Prayers for Ethan

Please feel free to share this post on your own blog, website, or with family and friends. This little boy needs tons of prayers!!!

This is Ethan Bibb. He is 8 years old, and the son of Robin and Farris Bibb. Two weeks ago (roughly), he went to the Dr. with a stomach virus that he couldn't get rid of for a few weeks. He was having headaches and kept throwing up. His mom insisted he go to Vanderbilt. Once at Vandy, they did a scan of his head. They found a brain tumor. They removed the tumor and did a biopsy and found that it is cancer, and it has already moved to his little spine. They are going to start the most aggressive treatment available soon, but first they must put a cast around his head (not sure what kind it is, but from my understanding it is to protect certain parts of the brain from the radiation and only affect the diseased parts. Correct me if I am wrong.) They are not able to do this because Ethan has had a swollen and painful tummy for a while, and he has to lay on his belly for 45 minutes to have it done. They found out today that it is a mass in his little belly. They are not sure what it is. Ethan is in a lot of pain, and he is on a constant morphine pump to help his pain. They need to do a scope on his tummy, but Ethan isn't strong enough. His parents are very exhausted, and getting frustrated, simply wanting some answers. I can only imagine what they are feeling right now. Ethan has an 11 year old sister, Lanna. Please pray continuously for this baby boy and his family. Pray for peace and understanding for the family, and strength, energy, and courage, to get through this. Pray that Satan will have no hold on this little boy's life, but that God's will be done in him. Pray for healing and courage for Ethan. Pray that he will get well enough to start treatment very soon. Most of all, pray that the family will not lose sight of the wonderful and mighty God we serve, and that they will continue to trust him through all of this. Pray for God to heal this little boy, if he so chooses. And, if not, that God will wrap his arms around this young family and draw them to himself in their greatest time of need.

I will continue to update as I get them.

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