Friday, April 16, 2010

A Lesson to Remember

I am NOT a patient person, especially when I have to wait on other people to do something. As is the case in waiting for Brandon's manager to complete the reference letter. I got so upset and angry yesterday because this one piece of paper is prolonging the process for us. Then, I got worried because we got our Psych evaluations back and Brandon's has some not-so-positive things on them. Not necessarily bad, but with his past troubles with family, there are some straggling issues, and I just know that they'll pick us apart on that. I am very anxious to start the interviews so that we can get on the list of waiting families. This morning, I was driving to work, listening to one of my CD's, when the song "You are God Alone" came on. I've heard this song a million times, and I love it, but it took on a whole new meaning this morning.

"You are not a God created
By human hands.
You are not a God dependent on any mortal man.
You are not a God in need of
Anything we can give
By your plan, that's just the way it is."
Lesson of the day: God doesn't need a reference letter. God doesn't need Brandon's manager's help. And, he doesn't need the adoption agency's approval. I am learning so much about faith, and learning that although there are many steps to go through to complete this adoption, God is the ultimate authority, and if this is truly His plan for us, which I believe it is, then it will happen. The hard part for me is accepting that it will happen in HIS timing, and not mine. I like mine better. :)
God, thank you for being You. Thank you for reminding me that you are the ultimate giver of life and creater of families...not an adoption agency. Please help me to keep my eyes fixed on you throughout this process. I love you.

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