Thursday, April 8, 2010


This journey is really teaching me what it means to completely rely on God. Each step seems like a mountain, and one by one, we can see God moving those mountains! We are truly learning to have the "faith the size of a mustard seed." But we still have many more mountains that need to be moved!

First, I want to praise Him for the first mountain! My Grandpa in Missourri heard that we were adopting, and graciously sent us a completely unexpected donation, which helped us exceed our $2,000 goal! We now have enough to turn in our paperwork! Praise God! We plan to turn it in tomorrow! What a way to start the weekend! A huge thank you to everyone who helped us reach that goal!

We've been trying to focus on one thing at a time so we don't get too overwhelmed. First, it was the money just to go to orientation, then it was getting through the training, and then the $2,000 goal which seemed impossible! But we are reminded that all things are possible through Christ! Now, we are beginning to think about our next goal...which is $3,000. An even bigger mountain than the first, but I believe that God will move it as well.

We have also started thinking about the home study process and what to expect from it. We haven't thought too much about it because we wanted to "cross that bridge when we got to it." Well, here we are! I'm starting to stress a little about it; about everything I need to do to prepare for our home visit, but also about the process itself...what are the steps, etc.

The main question we get asked is, "how is the adoption process coming?" The answer: slow. It is a long journey, and it could be up to 3 years before we bring our baby home, so if you're curious about how the process is coming, just check here for updates. We are happy to discuss our journey, but that question becomes exhausting! :) I will be sure to update regularly here. Right now, all I know is that once we turn the paperwork in, we will begin the homestudy process, which consists of a series of interviews and ends with the home visit. This process takes 2-3 months on average. Please pray for us as we begin this step. It is very stressful to have someone invade every aspect of our lives and tell us whether or not we are "qualified" to be parents.

Needless to say, we need your help to reach our next goal! We still have plenty of teddy bears for "adoption." And, we've lowered the price! $5 if we bring it to you or you pick it up, still $8 if we need to ship it (If we ship it for $5, the profit wouldn't be anything).

Get yours today!

We also have a neat "donate" button to your right where you can make donations. No donation is too small! Also, if you need a teddy shipped to you, just make an $8 donation and let me know what color teddy you want.

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