Friday, May 21, 2010

1,000,000 + 1

That's how many things I have to do this weekend! Or so it seems.

Our social worker called yesterday. Our next couple's interview is June 2 at 10am. Excited? Nervous? I don't know yet...probably some of both.

The way it looks, I'm thinking our home visit will be right AFTER we get back from vacation. (Which STINKS!) Therefore, I have to get everything ready before we leave...which is 4 weeks from today! Not a lot of time! YIKES! So, on my list for this weekend, (in case you were so incredibly bored that you just have to know what I'm doing) is the following:

Friday night:
Go grocery shopping
Go to Lowe's and purchase a fire extinguisher
Go to Walmart

Patch holes in baby's closet
Try to paint baby's closet
Hang the curtains in the living room that have been laying in the floor for months
Install outlet covers
Install cabinet locks
Work on adoption profile
Test smoke alarms and change batteries

Think I can finish all that????

1 comment:

Morgana said...

If you are going to be half of the mommy I know you are, you can do all that and more.

And when he/she finally gets to come home to you... you will be doing all that and more everyday of your life : )