Friday, February 12, 2010

Are we crazy or not???

Well, we survived our psychological tests last night. Whew! Glad I can mark that one off our list! We won't have the results for a few weeks, but hopefully neither of us will be committed :)

The psych test was sort of stressful. It is very nerve wracking to have a strange man pick your brain apart and ask you such personal questions. But, it wasn't too horrible. It consisted of a 45 minute interview individually, and 2 written tests. Brandon took the tests while I was interviewed, then we switched. The tests were easy. The first one was 300-some-odd statements like "My drug use has caused problems at home," to which we circled an answer from False to Very True. The 2nd test was a series of words and situations, and we had to choose the one that appealed most to us. That one was easy. I hope our home study is that easy.

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Jennifer Guenther said...

See... you did fine and you will contiune to do wonderfully! Don't let the nerves get to you too bad! You and Brandon are doing great!