Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Training Session 1: Complete!

I'm feeling a little better about things today. We had our first training session last night, and it was really good. We both got a lot out of it. For one thing, we learned that adopted children need to be disciplined differently than biological children. I never would have thought of that. We learned a lot about bonding with the child, and what they call "attachment parenting." One thing that really stuck was when they said that every couple at some point or another will experience delays, and that those are just part of our journey. They reminded us that these delays are opportunities for us to educate ourselves and our loved ones, and that we should keep our eyes on the end result, which WILL be a baby. So, although I am still feeling frustrated that I don't have 2K to cough up, I feel a little more motivated to get out there and work to get it and less apt to just give up. I am learning to let God have control of our journey, which is VERY difficult for me. So, I am focused on trusting God and doing what I can to raise some money. Suggestions are welcome :)

Thank you for all of your prayers, love and encouragement.

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Ashli said...

Hang in there! This is an incredible journey you're on!