Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Purpose Driven Life...the Finale

I have finished The Purpose Driven Life...for the 3rd time. I must say, I definitely recommend this book to anyone who is wondering why they are here, whether or not they matter, or even just looking for a good read. God has shown me so much, and I have grown a lot since picking up this book. I think what was so different this time was doing the study along with the church and being involved with a small group as well. It was wonderful to talk about what we were reading, and to hear others' thoughts on it. So, here is my summary of the book.

What Am I here For?
1. I am here for God's pleasure, and because He wants me here!
2. I am here to be a part of God's family. He wants me to be His child!
3. I am here to become like Christ. Although I will never BE Christ, I should constantly strive to take on His characteristics and His heart...loving what He loves.
4. I am here to serve God, not the other way around. Often we think God is here to answer OUR prayers and give us what we ask for, when the contrary is true. He does want to bless us, but only if we serve Him FIRST. He is not my servant! How are you serving?
5. I am here on a mission. We all have specific talents, and we are all unique, and God wants us to use those talents/passions to glorify Him and bring the lost to Him. My mission is to save the lost! How will you reach the lost?

Some things I have learned:
The world's idea of success and God's idea of success are two totally different things. The world says you've made it if you have the best cars, house, job, kids, spouse, education, etc. God says you've made it if you have reached the lost and followed His purpose for your life.

God did not create me out of boredom or loneliness. He did not NEED me here. He simply wanted me here.

I live for a little of the following: Guilt, resentment, anger, fear, materialism, and need for approval. I should be living for God instead.

The reason I am not satisfied with my life is because I'm not supposed to be. God has intended so much more for me in Heaven. If I were happy with what I had here, then I wouldn't feel the need to live as if I needed Heaven.

God doesn't give us stuff so we can be happy. He gives us stuff so we can make others happy in Him.

Worship/church is not about me. I cannot go to church wanting to hear my favorite songs and feel a special feeling. It is about me giving a wonderful gift to God. I must go ready to sing ANY song of praise to God as if it were my favorite. It's not about a feeling. I can "feel" the music and still not worship.

God doesn't care as much about WHAT I do as He does that I do it to glorify Him

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