Friday, October 10, 2008

Wow, this is sad

It's really sad when our economy is driving people to suicide.

Woman Facing Eviction May Have Shot Self
Victim's Husband Was Fighting Foreclosure Of Home
POSTED: 12:48 pm CDT October 10, 2008
UPDATED: 1:39 pm CDT October 10, 2008

SEVIERVILLE, Tenn. -- A Sevierville woman apparently killed herself as sheriff's deputies prepared to evict her from her foreclosed home, police said.
Sevier County deputies heard a gunshot Monday shortly after arriving at the home of Pamela Ross, 57, Sevierville Police told Knoxville's WVLT-TV.
Police and deputies entered the home and found Ross suffering from a gunshot wound to the chest with a handgun on the ground beside her.
Police spokesman Bob Stahlke said officers are investigating the shooting as a suicide.

The family's attorney, Herb Moncier, said that Ross' husband was fighting the foreclosure of their home in court at the time, and court records show a judge granted him another 10 days to appeal his case.
Moncier said that means deputies should not have been at the house.
Sheriff's Capt. Jeff McCarter said Friday that deputies were waiting across the street from the house for the results of the hearing when Ross came out and spoke to them.
They were there to serve an eviction notice if the judge decided to issue one, he said, but did not enter the house until after they heard the gunshot.
McCarter said he could not comment further because of the ongoing investigation.
Moncier is asking officials to perform an autopsy on Ross.

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