Thursday, October 9, 2008

What's for Dinner?

Here's my menu for the week. In case you're wondering why my weeks start on Thursday, it's because Brandon gets paid on Thursdays, and that's usually when I do my grocery shopping. Drum roll please....

Thursday- Brandon's sleeping...Kelly's eating a sandwich or something
Friday- Taco Salads (with Fritos instead of taco shells, YUM!)
Saturday- eating at mom's. Hey, it's free food, AND she cooks whatever I ask for :P
Sunday- Not sure just yet, depends on if I am cooking for small group or not (I'm letting you down so far, aren't I?)
Monday- Ravioli Bake
Tuesday- Sloppy joe pot pie
Wednesday- N/ nights=fast food or cracker barrel
Thursday- Chicken in a skillet w/ veggies and red potatoes

And just for the record, I am in love with

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