Friday, March 6, 2009

A Yummy, Healthy Lunch

I have a REALLY hard time finding things that I like for lunch that are remotely healthy. I am so picky that there are very vew frozen meals I like, and I get so tired of sandwiches!! So, I thought that as I try new things for lunch, I would share them with you. Today I discovered 2 products that I actually liked!

One is the Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers, and the other is the Green Giant veggie steamers for one. I am typically not a Healthy Choice fan (I like Smart Ones better), but this was actually good! A little spicy, but good. (I had the ziti with meat sauce.)

The veggie steamers were really good, too. (I had carrots and broccoli in Italian seasonings) And best of all, this made for a healthy, filling lunch with plenty of veggies! I could barely finish it all! The HC Mixers are actually quite big, compared to frozen meals which seem to fit better as a snack for me, unless I add something with it. So, happy lunching!

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