Sunday, March 1, 2009

Got debt? We do!

If you know me, then you know that I am completely opposed to the big fat "stimulus" package that Obama has started. (In this case, if you look up stimulus in the dictionary, it should read "spending; unnecessary debt used to cover previous debt")

"Why?" you ask. Well, the same reason these protestors are opposing it. Let's put it this way. Hypothetically speaking, let's say Brandon and I get a credit card. We go shopping on it. We go over the credit limit. Uh oh. What do we do? We're in financial crisis! Well, if you're Obama, you would simply take out another, larger loan and pay it off. But, wait. Oops! Now I have to pay THAT loan off! What to do? Repeat the cycle until you are millions of dollars in debt!! Yay us! Thumbs up! (yes, you can sense sarcasm here)

We won't see a DIME of this money. It isn't coming to us. None of it. But, who do you think is going to pay it back? The government? Not a chance. They'll raise OUR taxes and force US to pay it back. So, we get to pay off someone else's stupid, immature, irresponsible debt that we didn't want in the first place!

The last "stimulus" didn't help...what makes him think this one will?? And, I have every right to complain...I voted against him. So now I get to say, "told you so."

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