Friday, February 27, 2009

Can't Get a Ring off?

I have had my wedding band off for a couple weeks now because my finger broke out. Well, I put my ring back on yesterday, went to bed, and when I woke up, my finger was swollen and red! So, I decided it was time to size the ring. I proceeded to the bathroom where I ran my finger under cold water, put a little soap on my finger, and pulled.

Nothing. Wouldn't budge.

Ok. No biggie. I pulled some lotion out, lathered up my finger really well, and pulled again. Nope. Not working. So, I soaked my hand in freezing cold water to make the swelling go down.


After about 15 minutes of twisting, pulling, and tugging, I knew I needed something stronger. Off to the kitchen I go. I poured a hefty amount of vegetable oil on my hand, and started the process all over again. Pull. Yank. Tug. Twist. Pull. Yank. Tug. Twist.

My finger started turning blue. Not good. Then Brandon got home from work and tried. He lathered me up in Crisco. He pulled, yanked, tugged, and twisted.

After a good hour of this process, my finger became extremely swollen (I would have taken a picture, but I was a little preoccupied with trying not to let it fall off) and turning colors. I decided I would go on to work and see if the swelling went down. On my drive in, I BLASTED the air, holding my hand in front of the vent.


By the time I got to work, my finger looked like it was going to fall off! So, I called a local jeweler, and he told me to come by. So I hopped on downtown, and he had it cut off in a matter of seconds. Thank goodness!

So, next time you can't get your ring off...just get it cut. Save yourself the time and pain.


Katie said...

Kelly, that is crazy. I'm sorry that you had to have it cut off! :(

Kelly Jo said...

That's crazy, but they can fix it very easily, don't worry!