Saturday, September 6, 2008

I'm Falling...Haha...Ha...

It's Fall! Well, for me anyway. Hence the new look to the blog. I know Fall doesn't "officially" start until, what, the twenty-something of September? But, September 1 is Fall enough for me! I absolutely LOVE Fall. I look at it as my last chance to enjoy some gorgeous weather before the nasty, cold, depressing, winter hits. I'm not a fan of winter. Well, I like it through Christmas. But once Christmas is over, and I mean like the day after, I'm ready for Spring again. I HATE Winter. I like one good snow, and that's it. But as for Fall....when the weather starts cooling off, the leaves turn, the ground gets covered in them, there are pumpkins everywhere, the smell of apples and cinnamon in the house, little kids dressing up for Halloween...I love it! I love Halloween...I know, I'm a Baptist. I am supposed to hate the evil Holiday, but the way I was raised, we knew the difference in good and evil, we weren't allowed to be anything super-evil (the devil was out), but it was always fun to be someone you weren't and get some free candy. And I love to decorate. I can get carried away with decorating the house around the holidays. So, watch out folks, the holidays have started for me....I am officially "Fallin"!

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