Thursday, September 18, 2008


YAY! I have completed my first task of my 101 things to do, which was to make a "big girl" address book. I have never actually owned one of these; more like a list of addresses on notebook paper that I create every year, along with the phone numbers in my cell phone. But now my addresses and phone numbers are neatly tucked away together in one cute little address book. I decided I should do this before the holidays so as to avoid scrambling for addresses come time to send out Christmas cards. :-)

I think the next things I want to work on are:

- Creating our Family Mission Statement (already in progress) and having it printed and framed
-Having our pictures taken
-Starting a scrapbook

I'm working on several other goals on my list already. I spent a whole day at work last week cleaning out and reorganizing my I just have to keep it that way. We have only eaten out ONCE in three weeks....this is major, people! We are starting to look at houses. We are becoming quite involved at our new church, and I love it! I still need to work on the exercise thing :-(

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Katie said...

Yea for a completed task! What church are you guys going to?