Wednesday, March 17, 2010

No more training!

We have officially completed our adoption training! No more Tuesday evening drives to Columbia! That being said, we have both really enjoyed training, and we've learned a lot. We've had many conversations about things we never would have thought about. Last night, we had the opportunity to hear a birthmother speak. She was a beautiful young lady, my age. Her story was truly heart-wrenching and I had to fight back tears. It is so humbling to hear her side of the story. I won't share her story because it isn't mine to share, but it was very eye-opening to hear what the birthmothers really go through, even though each birthmother is different. It is humbling to know that a woman will choose life and experience so many different emotions so that we can have a family. Wow.

We have a few more fundraisers in mind, but we won't start them until after our yard sale Easter Weekend! I have my hands full with fundraisers right now. We are praying hard that we will be able to turn our paperwork in very, very soon!

Don't forget! Our Jim N Nick's fundraiser is Next Thursday, the 25th! Hope to see you there!

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