Wednesday, March 3, 2010

This is exhausting!

The adoption, that is! I don't think I was quite prepared for how much work we would have to do to raise the money. But that's ok! I am up for the challenge! (ask me again in a week. That answer may change.)

We have been CRAZY busy doing several fundraisers, some have been successful. Others, not so much. We have COMPLETED the paperwork! Yep! That's right, it's DONE. Now I just need 2K to turn it in! We desperately need your help!

Carol is still offering the Mary Kay fundraiser! We are hoping to get 10 sets sold, and we need 7 more to reach that goal. So go buy your Satin Hands Pampering set, put my name in the comments, and not only do you help bring our baby home, but you get a fantastic gift for yourself or a loved one! (Mother's Day is knocking on your door!)

I still have greeting cards for sale! Let me know what you need and I can custom make them for you!

And our biggest fundraiser yet....Jim N Nicks Spirit Night!! On Thursday, March 25 from 5-9pm we will be at the Smyrna location. You'll see us up front with a big bowl (and maybe a cardboard sign that says "Will work for a baby." ). All you have to do is come eat, and put your receipt in the bowl, and check out our silent auction! We are working on compiling some great items. So far I have a massage, some homemade things, a pair of Titans tickets, and I'm picking up a donation this evening, but I'm not sure what it is yet. Stay tuned! I will post the list of items online before the auction (hopefully the 15th if we have everything by then. If not, the 22nd) and you can bid through email, and the items will be on display at Jim N Nicks on the 25th, which is where the auction will end! (Winners will be notified within a few days and we will work out delivery/pickup). So, come on out and get some grub! :)

Thank you to all who have donated already!

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