Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Random thoughts on healthcare reform

This might make some people mad, but that's ok. :)

I am completely disgusted with our country, and terrified at the direction it is going in. I've heard many people say they want this socialist healthcare, but 99.9% of those people don't work! Most of those I have talked to who like this wretched bill want free insurance, but don't want to work for it. They want everything handed to them. Well, here's a wakeup call...GET A JOB! I want to be a stay at home mommy more than anything, but chances are I'll have to work for the insurance, and I'm ok with that. I like the insurance I have, and I get off my lazy butt every day and come in to work. I was taught if I want something in life, to work for it. Never to expect handouts. And that's what I want to teach my kids. The fact of the matter is, this bill terrifies me. If my child gets really ill, or is injured, I do NOT want to have to wait 6 months to see a Dr. People are taking for granted the fact that we can get in to see most Drs immediately. Now, when our child is home, we'll have to always fear that something will happen to them and we won't be able to get them into the Dr, and they could die from something as stupid as a cold, that turns into pneumonia. People should not die over that! We have the best healthcare in the world...why are we giving that up??

Not to mention, that those of us who DO work are going to be paying for not only the insurance of those who are too lazy to work, but ILLEGALS! Are you kidding me??? I am going to be getting a smaller paycheck because you don't want to work, and because illegals now have American rights? Seriously??


alison bynum said...

based on this CBS news article
illegal immigrants are not eligible for government health care, even if they wanted to buy in with their own money.

Kelly Jo said...

Adrian Rogers said: "You cannot multiply wealthy by dividing it." I think that applies here. Despair.com says: "Bailout: FROM each according to his ability TO each according to his lack thereof" I also think this applies.