Thursday, January 29, 2009

Daddy Dearest

My dad (age 70) went to have his annual physical on Tuesday. They did an EKG on him, and it came back abnormal. They didn't say exactly what it was, but they referred him to a cardiologist. He's been going through a series of test this week, and we find out Friday if it is anything to be alarmed about.

Now, if you know my daddy, you know that even at age 70, he is the hardest worker around. He works at McDonald's doing maintenance and groundswork, and he unloads all of the trucks all by himself...up and down stairs to the basement. His work is very strenuous. He can run cirles around those teenagers! Literally! He is amazing. And yet, he has never had one health problem. Nope, not one. He is extremely healthy for his age, and I am so thankful.

But, it is never far from my mind that Daddy is getting older. He won't be around too many more years, and that absolutely terrifies me. So, to hear news like this is almost devastating because my head starts saying, "it's happening. He's getting closer and closer to leaving you." Crazy, huh? What can I say? He's my daddy, and I am a Daddy's girl. I am truly thankful that God has allowed us to avoid any major health issues with my parents, and that he is 70 years old and he is JUST NOW having to have an EKG! But, I still fear.

Please pray. Pray for his health. Pray for me. Pray for my momma.


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