Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Our new President

Well I am home sick again today, so I decided to watch the inauguration. It all went pretty well, and I was impressed by Rick Warren's speech (of course, I'm partial). I was actually impressed that "Brother Rick" got as much respect as he did...I expected a lot of booing.

The one thing that disgusted me about the ceremony was when the Rev. giving the benediction (forgive me, I forgot his name) felt the need to go through all the "colors." My question is, why did he feel the need to say, "when white will do right?" Was that necessary? THAT is the kind of thing that angers me about the whole thing. All the sudden, I hear tons of comments that make it sound as if we are "below" them. That is uncalled for.

Other than that, I thought Obama's speech was well said, and for the most part it was non-partial or racial. I appreciated that.

My prayer for today is this:

I come to you with a heavy heart. There are so many emotions being passed around our country today. Joy, fear, anger, uncertainty. My prayer is that all citizens, no matter the color, will come to accept and respect one another. I ask that you guide all of us in helping us come together as a team, love one another, and work together to rise up out of our economic crises. I ask that you be with President Obama and his family. Protect them with your mighty hand from any harm. Guide him in every decision placed before him. I pray that he will be open to your Word, and will follow your direction. I pray that I am wrong. Lord, I trust you. I know that only you know what is in store for this country that is so quickly succumbing to sin...homosexuality, violence, hatred, racism, divorce, promiscuity, and so much more. Help our nation, God. We need you. Help me. Help me to know my place, and my part. Use me. Show me how to minister to those who I come in contact with. Help me to love everyone, especially those who are hardest to love.

In Jesus' name, Amen.

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