Friday, January 2, 2009

Uncle T

I thought I would take advantage of the blogging world and ask for your prayers, and, if you don't mind, link this to other blogs to ask for their prayers as well.

My Uncle Tommy, who lives in Missouri, had a severe aneurysm this week. By God's grace, he survived! The neurosurgeon said that he has never seen someone survive such a bad bleed, but God is good! However, he is still in pretty bad shape. His left side is completely paralyzed, and he can't move much on his own. He is in St. John's Hospital, and he will be there for several months undergoing extremely intense physical therapy....8 hours a day!!! They are hopeful that he will regain 85% of his usage, and will escape with maybe just a slight drag in his foot.

This has been very hard on my aunt Maria. She has quit her job to stay with him, and is literally living in the hospital. She sleeps on the couch in the waiting room for an hour or so at a time, and washes up in the sink, while her friends bring her clean clothes (hopefully now that he is out of ICU and in a regular room, she'll be able to use his shower and sleep in his room). She is amazing, and an icon for what a wonderful wife is. She is completely selfless, and I admire that, and I hope that if something like this were to ever happen to Brandon, I could be that strong.

Anyway, I am asking for your prayers...for healing, and for strength. This is going to be a very intense few months for him and my aunt, and they need strength! Maria refuses to leave the hospital until he goes home.

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Katie said...

Praying for your aunt and uncle!