Thursday, January 22, 2009

My husband Rocks!

I have been very sick for the past week. Very flu-like symptoms. I have barely moved off of the couch other than to use the restroom, occasionally take a shower, and every once in a while pick up one of the huge messes of snotty tissues I left laying around (it's gross, I know, but when you're that sick you are NOT getting up to throw every single tissue away. I eventually had the trash can by the couch). So, for the past week, my amazing, wonderful, loving husband, has taken wonderful care of me. He would get off the couch just to get ME a drink, he basically made all of my meals for me...even a simple sandwich, he kept the house pretty clean, and I cannot tell you how many times he braved the cold to make "one more" trip to the store for more Kleenex, cough drops, or medicine. He even got out of bed one day after only 4 hours of sleep just to cook dinner because I didn't have the energy. And the best part is...he didn't complain about any of it!! Not even once! Yep, that's right, folks. I officially have the most AMAZING husband in the world! As a child might say, "my husband can kick your husband's butt!" Haha! Of course, I am partial :-)

Baby, thank you SO much for all you do, especially this past week! I love you so so much! I really appreciate you more than you know!

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