Wednesday, January 7, 2009


So, I weighed in this morning (on WW, you weigh in once a week), and was sad to see that I lost NOTHING this week! Nope. Not one ounce.

Normally, this is where I give up and convince myself that it isn't going to work. But, I am determined. Although this setback did steal some of my motivation, I am going to try using it as a motivator. So, this week, I am going to drink my water and pump up my exercise. Now, like I said, my main focus right now is deterring myself from sweets, which I have succeeded at so far. Water and exercise will come once I accomplish ridding myself of my sweet tooth. However, I can still work on it. I'm not going to start a solid exercise routine yet, but I am going to just move more. Maybe clean out my closets, do some hard cleaning, I have been walking for 15-20 minutes on my break, so I will pump that up, and take advantage of chilcare tonight by taking a much faster stroll with them. For now, I'll just do things I normally do, and just do it faster and harder. Baby steps. I do NOT want to overwhelm myself! Maybe this past week's efforts are just late showing up...maybe they will show up next week when I weigh in. We shall see.

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Katie said...

I know that that's disappointing and I'm sorry. I am really proud of you for not giving up!