Thursday, January 15, 2009

The road ahead

Ok, so my blogging has gone downhill lately...I apologize, I promise to do better! Truthfully, I have a hard time thinking of what to blog about. Hopefully I'm not the only one!

Brandon is shooting for a promotion at work. His dept's backup is possibly going to be leaving, and if he does, Brandon might get his spot, which would be great! He probably won't get a raise since he'll go from nights to days, but that's just it...he'll be back on days! And, that is the next step for him to get a Dept Manager position, which is the ultimate goal. He really deserves it, and I hope he gets it. He's been trying forever and they just won't cut him a break. So, I'm praying that this works out.

I may as well put it out there...Brandon and I are trying to start our family. It's not been easy, either. Without going into detail, I have some problems that are causing some obstacles for us. My mom had a LOT of problems (including 5 miscarriages and 18 years of trying before my sis was born), and I am praying that this isn't the case with me. I am on Prometrium and Clomid. No success last month, so we're going for round two. Send some baby dust this way....and prayers, too, of course.

Gov. Bredesen has decided to possibly lay off 2,000 state employees this year. I am praying VERY hard that this will not include me. Of course, that's what everyone is thinking. We will be in big trouble if I lose my job, especially if we get pregnant. BUT, I have faith that, no matter what happens, HE will provide! He is much more capable than we are! Praise God for that!

I have found myself drawing closer to God recently...developing a desire to really dig into the word. I've always wanted to REALLY study the Bible...the people, places, the history, etc. But I have never known where to start. So, I am working on something I have never done before (get ready to gasp). I am learning the books of the Bible for the first time. Yeah, I know. Pathetic, right? What kind of Christian AM I? I also am learning the authors and time periods of each book, as well as who it is directed toward, and what category they fit into (books of law, epistles, gospels, minor and major prophets, etc). So, wish me luck! :-)


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Well, having never had a baby myself, my advice is simple.... Just enjoy the 'trying', even if it doesn't happen this month or next, you've had some great times...and then, when the stress isn't there, it will happen! :) *baby dust*