Monday, December 15, 2008

Blogging Tips

My blog isn't getting very much attention, and I have realized that it is because I am a terrible blogger. Apparently, there are folks out there who go to any length to get traffic on their blog, such as using social sites (some that I have never heard of) to publicize their site. While I don't want to take it THAT seriously, I would like more followers (I only have 3). So, with the help of SEO, I have a list of tips to help gain traffic on my blog. Hopefully they will help!

1. Add an unforgettable image in your blog header

2. Reply to your comments

3. Link to other bloggers, not only the well known ones

4. Create pillar or mile stone content like huge lists, thorough tutorials, breaking or unique news

5. Be the first to say something: uncover scams, debunk myths

6. Review other bloggers

7.Make a list of the top 10 blogs in your field and try being like them and better

8. Contribute guest post on other blogs

9. Write about popular topics but not those everybody else already covered

10. Do not write too short posts

11. Do not write too long posts

12. Know your audience and offer it what it wants, not only what you think is appropriate

13. Ask questions and incite discussions

14. Use headings, lists, bold, italic and other means of making a text readable

15. Use striking images in your posts, like collages, bright colors, images that metaphorically illustrate your point

16. Do not steal images without proper attribution

17. Cover the most important things in life: Love, peace, happiness, community, freedom

18. Interview interesting and well known people

19. Write about stars, people love stars

20. Write about what you know first hand, what you experienced

21. Concentrate on positive topics, do not just write how bad everything is

22. Get a unique and remarkable name for your blog

23. Use your logo and/or avatar throughout the Net

24. Do not offend people for being different than you

25. Be open minded, let anything and everything inspire you

26. treat your readers and other bloggers like real people, with respect and compassion

27. Do not overload your blog with ads

You can see the complete list here. I just took what I could use. Happy Blogging!!

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