Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hard Times

Kroger cut Brandon's hours in half next week. They SAY it's just for that week, because of Christmas...they are closed for a day and a half, but the pessimist in me (which rarely shows it's face) doesn't buy it. I can't help but fear him getting laid off. And at the same time, I fear for my own job. I work for the State, which usually is a good thing and makes me feel safe, but not lately. With each dept having to make 20% cuts, it's not looking good. I'm praying that God will fix our economy, and fast. I am holding onto God's promises. He has promised to provide, and I am clinging to that.

Dear, Lord. Please take care of us. I am scared and worried. I know your word says not to worry, but I am human and cannot help it. I am truly greatful for all you have blessed us with, and I know that you giveth and you taketh away...but please don't taketh. No matter what happens, I will praise you and worship you, for I know you have plans for me. Amen.

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