Thursday, December 18, 2008


Sometimes I find it hard to discern between what God is telling me, and what I WANT Him to tell me. And then, sometimes, I know for SURE what God is telling me, but I don't like it so I try to convince myself that He is really telling me something else.

I haven't elaborated much, but long story short, Brandon and I made a decision a few months ago concerning our church home, and we are now realizing that we did it mainly out of anger and hurt feelings. So, we are now faced with the decision on whether to leave our new church, where we have met some wonderful people and I have made a very good friend, and go back to TRBC, or whether to stay where we are. It is a tough decision because we love both churches. So I am learning to try to stay out of God's way and stop trying to tell myself what I want him to tell me. It's confusing, and a long story. Just wondered if anyone else ever has that problem?

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