Thursday, December 4, 2008

Carried Away

Wow. Christmas is a mere three weeks away! I can't believe it! This year has flown by so fast! Where do our lives go?

Well, I have been REALLY into the Christmas spirit this year, at least for the most part. However, I find that I have been very stressed out about our finances. It just seems as though every time we get stable and somewhat comfortable, or every time we are going to have some money to put into the savings, SOMETHING comes along to take it. We bought a chair to match our couch back in July, and we got it on 6 months no interest. We did the same thing with our couch and paid it off pretty quickly. Not the case here. The interest is added in January, so I've been freaking about it. My mom gave us our Christmas money early so we could get it paid almost all the way. Well, I'm not real sure where that money went, but it's no longer there. We were waiting till we had the rest of the money so we could write one check, but by the time we got the rest of the money, the other $400 was GONE. It's just seemed like we needed this and needed that. So, we still owe on the chair. I'm paying like crazy on it this month, but I'm scared to death that we won't get it paid off. On top of that, my tags expire this month, so there's another $100.

I think maybe I got carried away on my Christmas shopping. This is the 1st year since we've been married that we have been able to buy ANYTHING for our families. So, I kinda got lost in the spirit :-(

Oh well, I guess money management isn't my best strength. Not this time of year anyway. *sigh*

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jennifer said...

I'll tell you sometimes the best gifts are the ones that you spend hours on... Treats! They make a great gift they are quite inexpensive and I have a great homemeade Truffle recipe that is simple and looks delightful! Let me know if your interested!