Monday, February 9, 2009


This is going to be a long story short, but I am so amazed at the mountains God is moving. Aunt Jeannie's husband is a hateful man. And I mean that. He HATES anyone who stands up to him, makes a comment he doesn't like, or simply doesn't do a certain thing. You make one comment he doesn't like, and he will literally hate you and hold a grudge against you for the rest of his life...including not being welcome anywhere NEAR his presence or his wife...whether she feels the same way or not. He is abusive to her and is as controlling as I have ever seen anyone (to the point of telling her what she can and cannot eat). He has hated and had a grudge on most of our family members for most of my life...all three of Jeannie's kids, my dad, and my Uncle Alvie. These people are people that he will have escorted away from them if they come around. He won't allow Jeannie's kids to see her (even though she is dying). My cousins got my aunt some flowers, and on the card wrote "We love you - Penny and Gary." Just so you know what kind of man he is, he tore the "we" and the "Gary" off of the card! He HATES Gary, and has no problem saying that to anyone. He even had a block put on Jeannie's room phone and took her cell from her so no one could call her.

Well, when we were at the hospital Saturday morning, my mom decided to have a talk with Buster and set him straight. She said a lot to him, and didn't think it went anywhere. Yet, as we were leaving the hospital yesterday to go back to Nashville, Buster arrived and asked all of us (me, my mom and dad...whom he despises) to come back in her room for a minute. He sat next to her, said he was wrong, gave her her cell back, and said lots of stuff. Of course, we didn't know if he meant it or not. He said he thought a lot about what my mom had said, and realized that Jeannie needs her family...she needs her kids, and they have got to set aside the family feud of the last 25 years and come together.

Last night, Buster called my mom and told her he took the block off her room phone. Then, this morning, we get a call from my Cousin Joy (Jeannie's daughter) saying that he has called a meeting with EVERYONE...Alvie, Joy, Penny, Ricky (who he hates most of all), and said he wants to talk with them, and that they need to come together for Jeannie. WOW! If you only knew what all has gone on the last 25 years, you would know that this is a HUGE deal, and has brought us all to tears!

As mom was talking to Buster Saturday morning, I was praying. I told God, "this is a mountain that we cannot move. He will never listen to us as humans. Speak through my mom, Lord, and MOVE THIS MOUNTAIN!" And He did! This is a miracle! And, even though we know we don't have much time left with Jeannie, we are praising Him because she now can spend what time she does have with her family...without being afraid of him! Praise the Lord!

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Katie said...

Wow. He really can do more than we could ask or imagine.