Monday, February 9, 2009

Hearts, Candy, and Chocolate Day!

Valentine's Day has kind of snuck up on me this year. I did a really good job making plans way in advance, but, unfortunately, I haven't stuck to it. I had plans to handmake somethings for Brandon since we're flat broke this year, and we had planned to go out to a nice dinner, but, again, we're broke. So sad. So, I've been thinking of a few inexpensive ideas. Let me know which ones you like, or if you have ideas of your own!

Cook a nice dinner at home, decorate the house with rose petals, etc and candles, and have a romantic evening in. Possibly go to the Cheesecake Factory for dessert.

Order a pizza and rent a movie / play board games

I am planning on making him some goodies and putting them in a homemade box, too. We aren't doing gifts since we just spent way too much on a new tv.

Ideas are welcome!

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