Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Facing The Giants

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Brandon and I finally watched Facing The Giants last night. I must say, I was highly impressed. This movie was so inspirational, and I cried several times! This movie spoke to me in a few different, but huge ways.

1) Don't fear! You can't hold back from life just because of fear.

2)NOTHING is impossible with God. Although the movie does tend to give off the idea that if you pray for it, you'll get it, at the same time it is made clear that you should praise God in the good times AND the bad...whether you get what you want or not.

The most influencial part to me was between Grant Taylor and his wife. They are struggling with infertility and have been trying to have a baby for four years. It shows their pain and frustration, which is exactly how I feel. At one point, after spending the entire night in the word and hitting rock bottom, Grant asks his wife: "If God never gives us Children, will you still love him?" This really hit me. I realized that I have been SO focused on getting pregnant, and taking it into my own hands, that I haven't given God any of the control or glory. So, this movie actually changed my life in that I now am giving it to God. There is a man in the movie that says this to Grant:
"There were 2 farmers who desperately needed rain. They both prayed for rain, but only one spent his days preparing the fields for when it comes. God will bring the rain when He is ready. Your job is to prepare for it until that time." Wow! How true is that? I realized that I am praying so hard for God to give us a child, but I am doing nothing to prepare for it! So, last night, I had a heart to heart with God, and asked him to show me exactly what I needed to do to prepare...whether it is finances, health, marriage, or spiritual life. Or all of the above. So, now, while we continue trying, I will be preparing to be a mom, whether God gives us our own or leads us to adoption. I have faith. I trust that God wants us to have children. His timing just might be different than ours. But, no matter what, I will choose to love God and praise Him.

I highly reccomend this movie to anyone who struggle in any area of their lives.

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